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If you look back to your adolescent years of schooling, particularly in history, it is likely that you’ll remember learning about the Roman Empire. Of its prosperity and wealth, its military prowess, and its influential leaders. Perhaps you even learned about its downfall, wondering how a society so rich in success could become so desolate and despairing. But indeed, they can. Rome did not fall instantly into disrepair, it happened gradually and initially without notice. Because of that, it’s not unreasonable to assume that history can repeat itself, and it may be doing just that. …

WTO protests in Seattle, November 30, 1999 Pepper spray is applied to the crowd. By Steve Kaiser.

The last two years have been fraught with stories of police violence, injustice, and abuse. Protesters and lawmakers are all searching for a solution to these problems, and how to deal with the structural issues of police and criminal justice in the U.S. But it might not be as complicated as it seems.

Start by focusing on the root of the problem: why does the violence happen in the first place? It could be because of individual issues like racism or corruption, but there is a reason that many officers actually act on these biases. It is because of the…

The headline of this story might seem like an absurd, yellow journalism claim, but it’s true.

In 2008, the US signed in to law the Child Soldiers Prevention Act, or the CSPA. Its purpose is to stop US arms sales and military assistance to countries using child soldiers. However, the act included a provision that allows the President to waive the law and let sales continue to whatever countries he chooses if he believes it is in the interest of national security, although no proof is needed. While this seems like a useful provision in case of some sort of…

Last year, the government shutdown and the migrant caravan that was heading for the border rocked headlines and spread the news of illegal immigration. In general, two pictures of illegal immigrants were painted: poor, starving families who wanted better lives, and terrorists carting drugs and bombs into the country. While there could be immigrants with those intentions, I’m not talking about them today. I’m talking about those who make up a majority of the illegal immigrant population; illegal workers.

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There are millions of illegal workers in the US right now, and they dominate the industries of low skilled agricultural and…

The story of Dr. JB Gordon is one lost to time and poor record keeping. He was a brilliant man and a skilled doctor, but his revolutionary cure for cancers was yet another victim of a poor line of succession.

John Benjamin Gordon was born on July 31st, 1851, in Southeast Missouri. In 1871 he moved to the recently founded town of Bunker, Missouri. The town was just starting out, still 36 years prior to it’s official founding. In those years from 1871 to 1907 Dr. Gordon became a founding citizen, making his living by using his medical degree to…

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Earlier today Donald Trump faced China’s retaliation against his $200 billion in tariffs in the form of $60 billion in Chinese tariffs. When looking at those numbers, it might seem that the US is winning, but it is in fact the US who pays that $200 billion. As much as Trump loves to say that China is the one paying, US companies and consumers are really the ones suffering- not China.

On May 9th, the president tweeted, “Tariffs are NOW being paid to the United States by China of 25% on 250 Billion Dollars worth of goods & products. …

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College admissions are one of the greatest sources of stress for high school students, but extracurriculars are a secret weapon that students can use to improve their odds of admission.

Freshman school counselor Nathan Burns, Speech and Debate coach Kathy Tobin, and FCCLA advisor Judy Medders from Willard High School have some advice on how extracurriculars can help students with their college admissions.

Quality vs. Quantity

When it comes to extracurriculars, there are a lot of options to choose from. …

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Human trafficking is a severe global issue, and the third largest criminal industry. Thousands of victims are trafficked into the US every year, and a majority of them are women and girls coming from vulnerable situations. Traffickers lure vulnerable individuals into their traps by promising a better life in the US, or help for their impoverished families. Once they arrive in the US, however, the individuals see a very different reality.

Women are often subjected to sexual slavery and exploitation that is not only abusive and demeaning but also presents multiple health and safety threats. These individuals are at a…

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Freedom of press is part of the first amendment to the United States’ constitution. It protects the rights of journalists, preventing the government from interfering with their opinions and what they can or can’t publish. If this right was to be taken away, officials could sway the information that goes out to the public, hide the injustices the government commits, and restrict the truth from being revealed. While the United States is currently safe from these affects, those in Venezuela are not as fortunate.

Hugo Chavez was elected as the President of Venezuela in 1998 and served form 1999 to…

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Kneeling During the National Anthem: How it Started

Headlines are flooded with pictures of NFL, MLB, and other pro sports players kneeling at the national anthem, and the US is in the midst of an uproar. We are confused, we are angry, and we are curious. But most of all, we want answers- and not from the news reporters who claim to know it all, but from the players who choose to kneel. Colin Kaepernick, former star quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, started the groundbreaking protests. He sat down during the national anthem at an NFL game, and everyone took it as disrespect to the US flag…

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